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Our Story

The Heart of Thunderbird Entertainment

Everyone here is a skilled artist. We are driven by the desire to create and fuelled by our always-evolving expertise. It is in our blood and shows in our programming and our ongoing strength in attracting and retaining top talent.

Subsidiary Companies

We have two companies under Thunderbird Entertainment, Atomic Cartoons and Great Pacific Media. Atomic, founded in 1999, produces award-winning animation and GPM, founded in 2011, creates dynamic, award-winning factual and scripted content.

Atomic Cartoons

Atomic Cartoons is an artist-driven, multifaceted studio that includes some of North America’s most creative animators, directors, producers and writers.

Great Pacific Media

GPM develops, produces and finances factual, documentary, game show and reality television. We also create award-winning scripted programming in film and tv.

Our Story

Thunderbird Entertainment was founded in 2003. With offices in Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa and Los Angeles, we have more than 1400 creatives on our team. And though we all have our unique skills, techniques, niches and passions, one thing is true for us all: we are artists at our core.

Company Evolution

Founded to generate content libraries, lift and fund IP exploitation and create global brands
Zigby animated series
Mr. Young: Netflix
Man in the High Castle: Amazon
Some Assembly Required: Netflix
Highway Thru Hell: National Geographic Channel/Netflix
Acquired Great Pacific
Thunderbird goes public
Atomic opens new Animation Studio
Blade Runner 2049 wins Academy Award
Molly Of Denali wins Peabody Award
Atomic opens LA animation studio
The Last Kid’s on Earth: merchandising deal
GPM launches 2nd spin off of Highway Thru Hell Franchise
Zixx Animated series
Thunderbird secures rights to Blade Runner sequel
Acquires Continuum producer, Reunion
Kim’s Convenience: CBC / Netflix
Launch spin-off of Highway Thru Hell
Heavy Rescue 401: Discovery Channel / Netflix
Beat Bugs streams on Netflix
Acquires Atomic Cartoons
Atomic Cartoons Vancouver office colourful building mural
The Last Kids On Earth - Netflix
Molly Of Denali - PBS
Marni Wieshofer, former Lionsgate CFO, joins Board as Lead Director
Thunderbird grows to more than 1,000 across all divisions
Open-concept office with people at their computers
Launched of new Global Distribution and Consumer Products Division
Started partnership with Wapanatahk Media - a new production studio focused on authentic Indigenous storytelling
Employs crew of 1400+ people
Production slate increased to 27 shows

Our Leadership Team

Our team has industry veterans, fresh talent and everything in between. We strive to be an inclusive leader in diversity, creativity and well-being. With a deep belief in the personal and professional rewards of an active work-life balance, we attract top talent and retain it.

Our Mission in Action

“Entertainment that makes the world a better place”

This means all our programming is progressive, dynamic and broad-minded. We explore and amplify diverse voices, perspectives and stories. Everything we put our name on and energy into is a conscious contribution to the world.

A Tight Focus on the Future

We are clear and specific about our strategic priorities. They include building franchises, developing and owning IP and expanding our international reach. With our vertical integration, expertise and transparency, we are building a large and growing library which delivers recurring revenue.

Media Recognition

THE LAST KIDS ON EARTH leaps from book to Netflix to toys. Next stop: billion-dollar franchise.

… adapting to remote work and capitalizing on the demand for animated content to keep its 1,000 employees working.

Pilot of Atomic’s Molly of Denali listed as one of the Best TV Episodes of 2019.

Rick and Morty Pringles commercial from Atomic called one of the best commercials.

The Bottom Line

We produce fresh, vibrant and successful programming, and there is much more to come. The Thunderbird Entertainment story is only getting bigger and better. Let’s connect and explore opportunities with you.