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Animation Portfolio

All our animated projects represent our vision, dedication and creativity. Cartoons connect, compel and engage in a distinct, and often hilarious, way. We take making them seriously and are proud to share our portfolio with you.

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We partner with the world’s top distributors to deliver quality entertainment across the globe.


The Last Kids On Earth

Atomic Cartoons is producing author Max Brallier’s New York Times bestselling book series The Last Kids On Earth. The first season premiered on Netflix in 2019 and season two premiered in April 2020. In 2021, an interactive special began streaming on Netflix.

Our hilarious and gripping animated series based on Random House Canada’s book series both continue to be wildly popular. As a result, JAKKS Pacific launched an extensive toy line and Outright Games and Stage Clear Studios developed an action-packed video game.

Fall toyline
owned by Atomic
video game
Created by
Max Brallier
Developed by
Atomic Cartoons
Recent Awards
Canadian Screen Awards (2020)
Daytime Emmy Award

Counterfeit Cat

Counterfeit Cat follows the story of an unconventional friendship between a lazy, selfish house cat and an excitable, naive alien with a mysterious destiny and a homemade purple cat suit. Gark is not a real cat, he’s a Counterfeit Cat. He’s a small blue alien in a purple cat costume. Max is a real cat: fat, fluffy, yellow and constantly pampered by his doting owner Betty. When Gark crashes his spaceship into Betty’s laundry room, he finds a new home and forms an unconventional friendship with Max, who quickly learns how to take advantage of Gark’s mysterious alien powers and his sweet, trusting nature.

Created by
Andrew Lavery
Developed by
Ardman Animation, Ben Marsaud, Cristina Fiumara for Wildseed
Production Companies
Wildseed Kids, Tricon Kids & Family, Atomic Cartoons, Aardman Animations

Molly of Denali

Since its 2019 premiere, award-winning Molly of Denali has been recognized as the first nationally distributed children’s series in the United States to feature an Indigenous lead character.

Molly of Denali follows curious, resourceful Molly Mabray as she and her friends explore their epic surroundings and rich Native culture. Molly helps her parents run the Denali Trading Post in interior Alaska. The show has two 11-minute animated segments with a live-action segment in between. Educational, funny and fascinating, Molly from Denali also has online games, videos, activities and a podcast.

minute special created
Created by
Dorothea Gillim / Kathy Waugh
Developed by
Atomic Cartoons and WGBH Kids
Recent Awards
2020 Television Critics Association Award
2019 Peabody Award
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The Full Inventory

Over the last two decades, Atomic Cartoons has produced more than 850 animated episodes and counting. Our portfolio is broad and robust and speaks to a wide demographic of tastes and interests.

The Bottom Line

We produce fresh, vibrant and successful programming, and there is much more to come. The Thunderbird Entertainment story is only getting bigger and better. Let’s connect and explore opportunities with you.