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August 1, 2017

Paula Patton Takes Us On An ‘Action Thrill Ride’ With ‘Somewhere Between’


Paula Patton is ready to take on primetime TV.

On Monday night, the actress made her debut in “Somewhere Between” as Laura Price, a San Francisco TV news producer, wife and mom, who ends up trying to help police track down a serial killer.

The 10-episode limited series, based on the South Korean show “God’s Gift: 14 Days,” marks a first for Patton.

“I’ve never done a series this long, so this is unique for me,” Patton told HuffPost during an interview at Build Series. The new thriller features mystery, crime and drama, but Patton says it’s about more than that.

“In the end, it’s not about her job … She’s a human being that faces one of the greatest tragedies and challenges of her life,” Patton said. “She gets to this really weird and surreal moment to go back eight days before this horrible thing has happened and change her fate. It’s essentially really about who are we when our back is against the wall? What secrets are we hiding from ourselves? From other people? What things surprise us?”

Patton was intrigued by the character and her story development.

“The Laura you meet at the beginning of the show is not the Laura at the end — she’s quite a beast to contend with,” Patton said, adding, “It’s getting to know this woman and this life that she’s had and this happens to her — this tragedy. As the audience, you don’t really know what happened. You learn it with her. It becomes a murder mystery, a love story, an action thrill ride ― it goes in many different directions.”

Co-starring Devon Sawa, JR Bourne and Aria Birch, “Somewhere Between” centers around changing fate, a theme that really appealed to Patton.

“I like this idea that we have the power to change our future,” she said. “We definitely have the power to change our fate. The story speaks to that on a larger level.”

Sure Patton has regrets in her own life, but she said she wouldn’t change anything about her fate in the end.

“If you think about it, if you undid that one thing, then the thing you like in your life, then that would change … It helps you grow or it brings you somewhere else,” she said.

Episode 2 of “Somewhere Between” airs Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.  For more on Patton and the series, watch the full Build Series interview below.