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May 6, 2016

Disorder: Paranoia-fueled thriller serves up suspense around every corner


Marsha Lederman / Globe and Mail

Back in France from Afghanistan, Special Services soldier Vincent (Matthias Schoenaerts) is bunking in his mother’s apartment – and undergoing a psychological assessment related to posttraumatic stress disorder. He jumps at an offer from an army buddy – a security side gig for a wealthy Lebanese businessman throwing a swanky summer party. When the man, who appears to have some shady dealings, is called away on business, Vincent is asked to stay on to protect his chic wife Jessie (Diane Kruger) and their son. Disorder (Called Maryland in Quebec, after the name of the family’s large estate), Alice Winocour’s follow-up to her debut feature Augustine, is a steamy, suspenseful tension-bomb – psychological, sexual, you name it – with potential catastrophe at the periphery of each scene. Beautifully shot, the film is at its best when it’s unclear whether Vincent is intensely paranoid or highly perceptive.