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Mr. Young

Adam Young is a child prodigy who went to university at the age of nine. Now, at fourteen, he’s a college graduate and ready to enter the workforce… as a high school science teacher.


Adam Young is not your ordinary teenager. A whiz kid turned teen genius, Adam hit the books hard enough to get into university at age 9. Now a university graduate at the tender age of 14, he’s headed back to high school as Mr. Young, the science teacher! But no amount of studying could prepare him for the challenges of balancing his job with his personal life, especially when he’s teaching both his best friend AND his crush. With one foot in the classroom and one foot in the staff room, it’s Adam’s social life that’s being put to the test.

This Canadian original production was created by Dan Signer (The Suite Life of Zack and Cody) and aired on Disney XD and YTV.