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June 14, 2018

Queen of the Oil Patch: oil magna by day, drag queen at night


Jean-Francois Cloutier/ TVQC

Queen of the Oil Patch is a fascinating new documentary series broadcast on APTN , which tells the story of a man with “two spirits” – Massey Whiteknife and Iceis Rain.

Contractor Massey Whiteknife does business in the oil sands sector in northern Alberta. He has an idea that will upset almost everything and everyone in the professional environment of this region with a harsh climate. He will take the reins of his company to Iceis Rain, a nonconformist singer in search of novelty. But in fact, Iceis and Massey are one and the same person.

Massey has two spirits, and it’s often Iceis who comes out in the city at night. She is about to enter the entrepreneurial scene in Fort McMurray. The adventure will be both unusual and wonderful for Massey and Iceis, who will live the reality of being two-spirited in the midst of the Canadian tar sands.

While he has nothing to lose, Iceis Rain has become the powerful and fearless alter ego and reigning Queen of Fort McMurray. When Iceis wears makeup and dresses, she instantly transforms into a woman of unlimited courage. Iceis is a critically acclaimed artist, with booking dates across the country, and was named to the 2014 Aboriginal People’s Choice Music Awards, where she also performed. One person, one body, two very different identities here is the story that Queen of the Oil Patch offers you.

Massey Whiteknife runs an oil business while Iceis reigns at night. It’s hard work juggling a lot of personality and Massey knows he has to make a choice; continue the double life, or choose to become Iceis forever. Difficult questions for anyone, but balancing family and indigenous tradition, while working in the male-dominated world of oil rigs, can be downright impossible.

Queen of the Oil Patch is a series about a man who seeks happiness and acceptance. The series is about family, love and compassion. It’s a question of community and courage. It’s a series that will leave you inspired. Produced by Métis filmmakers Neil Grahn, Kelly McClughan and Mark Miller, the concept was developed by Kah-Kitowak Films in partnership with APTN.

Queen of the Oil Patch airs Tuesday on APTN at 10:30 PM: http://aptn.ca/queenoftheoilpatch/