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December 20, 2017

John Doyle’s favourite Canadian performances of 2017


John Doyle/ The Globe and Mail

With the bad, comes the good – and this year on Canadian TV, there are performances to be appreciated.

Well, you can’t please everyone. Heaven knows that truism hits us like a mallet to the head at this time of the year.

The other day I was asserting ” Ten things about television that must be stopped.” The reaction was a sterling reminder that some people in the Canadian TV racket are terrifically thin-skinned. The column was one of those items that readers really appreciate, but, of course, certain persons in the racket think it’s done for them, not the readers.

In this particular bulletin, mind you, there’s an appreciation of fine performances this year on Canadian TV. Grumbling will ensue, of course. But by all means, let me know of your favourites, whether you’re in the TV racket or not. That is, if you have time and you’re not stuck at Canadian Tire surrounded by Christmas lights arrayed like thick brambles to ensnare you. At Canadian Tire, we are all just Canadian, doesn’t matter if we’re big shots in the TV racket. So, here’s a (short) list of fave performances from this year.


The cast of Kim’s Convenience (CBC). What a pleasure to see a team so attuned to the material and each other. The recent season finale was beautifully done, an ensemble on all cylinders savouring the writing and intricacy of the now well-established sinuosity of the relationships.