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July 20, 2017

‘Somewhere Between’ Sneak Peek: Playing With Time and Fate


Kelly Woo / Yahoo TV

ABC’s new drama Somewhere Between showcases a parents worst nightmare — the loss of a child — but with one big difference: The doomed little girl’s mom, Laura Price (Paula Patton), has the chance to turn back time and save her.

After her daughter goes missing and winds up dead, by some stroke of fate time rewinds eight days — meaning Laura can alter events leading up to that terrible ending. But will she make the right choices to save her daughter? “She does every single thing she can to change fate,” explains showrunner Stephen Tolkin. “But every single time she changes events from the way they were before, they end up falling back into the same path.”

The time rewind brings Laura into contact with former cop-turned-private investigator Nico Jackson (Devon Sawa), whom Laura teams up with to track down the serial killer behind the deaths of her daughter and other women. Nico has his own race against the clock. His brother is on death row — and in this exclusive clip, learns how Laura is connected to him.

“We think we have control over our lives,” says Tolkin, “but there are forces much bigger than us guiding it.”

Somewhere Between premieres Monday, July 24 at 10 p.m. on ABC.