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July 13, 2017

Paula Patton’s Maternal Instinct Has A Supernatural Twist


Kellie Freeze / Channel Guide

In the summertime thriller Somewhere Between, Paula Patton stars as Laura Price, a savvy news producer who doesn’t know why her daughter will be killed or by whom, but she knows when, where and how.

This dark, female-led thriller is chock-full of twists and shocking revelations that will surprise viewers at every turn.

“I hope that viewers will be entertained, have fun and that their hearts and souls will be moved by the story and by what the characters are experiencing,” says Patton.

Because despite the action and suspense, the core of the tale is a mother’s unwavering devotion to her child.

“Fate plays an enormous role in the series, which is what is so fun about it,” Patton shares. “The series is about the real world we live in, yet it has this turn on reality and on the idea [of] what would happen if we ever got the chance to live a part of our lives again. My character has been through a devastating loss and tragedy, yet she gets a chance to change her fate.”

Somewhere Between is based on the Korean drama God’s Gift: 14 Days. The delicious mystery of the series is what drew Patton to the project. The actress reveals, “I liked that the script was a compelling and thrilling read that I could not put down. It moves so fast and is like a runaway train — you don’t know where it’s going to go!”

While we don’t know where it will go, we do know where it will end. Patton confirms, “The story is resolved at the end of the 10-episode season.”

Somewhere Between > ABC > Mondays beginning July 24