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July 7, 2017

Somewhere Between: Paula Patton Fights Fate to Save Her Family in ABC Thriller’s First Promo


Andy Swift / TV Line

ABC’s Somewhere Between, premiering July 24 at 10/9c, is a little like Groundhog Day — you know, if you replace all of the jokes with harrowing, life-or-death stakes.

The limited series stars Paula Patton (Single Ladies) as Laura Price, a San Francisco news producer working with the police to track down a serial killer. She believes all is lost when the killer “strikes close to home,” until a strange event allows her to relive the previous week of her life in order to stop the murder from happening… again.

In doing so, she discovers a “mysterious connection” between herself and the killer, and her nightmare won’t end without the “ultimate sacrifice.”

Somewhere Between also stars Devon Sawa (Nikita) as private investigator Nico Jackson; JR Bourne (Teen Wolf) as Laura’s husband Tom, who also happens to be the city’s district attorney; and young actress Aria Birch as Laura’s daughter Serena, described as both “untamable” and “big-hearted.”

Hit PLAY on TVLine’s exclusive first look at the series’ chilling promo.