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April 4, 2017

Towing company works hard both on the highway and onscreen


Our Windsor 

Abrams Towing in Windsor works hard to keep drivers safe on the roads every day, while the company’s own drivers are working hard on a new television series, showing what it takes to be a trusted emergency service.

John Allen of Abrams is one of the drivers featured on the new show “Heavy Rescue: 401,” which debuted in January. Allen, as a veteran tow truck driver, said the experience was nothing quite like he’d experienced before.

Filming of the show was done primarily during an unusually warm January in 2016, with a camera operator shadowing Allen’s every move during a typical 12-hour shift. Not only that, a chase vehicle was always close by to film another angle while Allen did what he does best: rescue drivers in trouble on the highway. After a while, Allen became used to having the camera crew around, and he even started to become friends with them.

Allen credits the professionalism of the camera crew (the same one that worked on the successful show “Highway Thru Hell”) for helping to make the whole experience feel more comfortable. However, Allen kept a watchful eye over the crew at accident scenes to ensure everyone’s safety. He said each episode stresses the importance of commuters slowing down or moving over on the road when they encounter a roadside emergency (which is the law). While the show focuses on a typical day for emergency workers, the ultimate goal is to improve driver safety, he said.

With that in mind, Allen said he wishes he would be put out of work one day — meaning no one would be getting hurt or killed on the road — through safer driving.

While Allen is used to dealing with people every day as part of his job, he said he is still getting used to his newfound stardom, with strangers recognizing him from the show.

Abrams is Canada’s largest towing fleet, so they were asked to be part of the show because of their prominence in the industry. The show was picked up by Discovery less than two hours after the idea was presented in 2015!

To find out more about what Abrams offers, whether you need roadside assistance or vehicle transport, or you’ve run out of fuel or locked your keys in the car, call 1-800-267-4594. Follow Abrams on Facebook for updates.