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July 8, 2016

Last Cab to Darwin


The Watchlist

Directed by Jeremy Sims, Last Cab to Darwin is an Australian drama based on Reg Cribb’s play of the same name. The film stars Michael Caton, Jacki Weaver, Ningali Lawford, Emma Hamilton, and Mark Coles Smith.

Rex is a cab driver who has never left Broken Hill in his life. When he discovers he doesn’t have long to live, he decides to drive through the heart of the country to Darwin, where he’s heard he will be able to die on his own terms; but along the way he discovers that before you can end your life you’ve got to live it, and to live it you’ve got to learn to share it…

“There are strong themes in the film,” explains Sims. “The strongest – and this is true of more than half of all films in one way or another – is the issue of Belonging. This central spine brings so many interesting and provocative related issues to the table that the layering of meaning, drama and especially humour, becomes impossible to avoid. Does Rex belong to his past, or his future? He doesn’t know, but is sure it must be one or the other. Of course the aim in life is to feel like we belong to the ‘now’, to the moment.”

Last Cab to Darwin is rated 14A.