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May 20, 2016

Review: ‘High-Rise’ could become a cult classic


Richard Crouse / CTV

Words strain to describe the unrepentant grotesqueness on display in “High-Rise,” the darkly funny Tom Hiddleston film. Imagine if Ken Russell had directed “The Towering Inferno.” Or picture “Lord of the Flies” with an adult cast who don’t mind taking their clothes off.

“High-Rise” begins with some tasty real estate porn.

Dr. Robert Laing (Hiddleston, who brings a Michael Fassbender vibe to the film) moves into an elegant apartment on the 25th floor of a luxurious high-rise building. He quickly begins to hobnob with his neighbours, the building’s elite-like single mother Charlotte (Sienna Miller) and the regal Mr. Royal (Jeremy Irons), the penthouse occupant and architect who calls himself the building’s midwife.