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March 14, 2016



Diane Wild, TV, Eh?

When we last saw Some Assembly Required’s Jarvis (Kolton Stewart), the young toy company CEO had finally declared his love for Piper (Charlie Storwick). The third season of the YTV series premieres tonight and the stars promise even more romance and laughs.

Piper had moved on from what she thought was unrequited love to pursue her music career and “the love situation ends not how you’d expect,” is the only hint Storwick will offer. “Make of that what you will.”

“It’s a switch,” she says of Jarvis’s cliffhanger declaration. “Usually I’m falling all over his character. I have the power now. All the tables have turned.”

Stewart says the show has evolved to show more of Jarvis’s friendships now that his work life has been more established. He taps into the similarities between the teen CEO and himself as a teen actor: “We both have the same work ethic.”

Both Storwick and Stewart were musicians before pursuing acting — Some Assembly Required was Storwick’s first acting role — and both find filming in front of a live studio audience to be the best of both worlds, creating a TV show while performing on stage.

“It doesn’t ever feel like I’m working, but throw in an audience with genuine joy, laughter and fun and I never want to leave,” says Storwick.

They each marvel at the international audience the show, which airs on U.S. Netflix, has attracted, after getting messages from fans in Brazil, Australia and Finland, to name a few.

With her single Ghosts getting radio play and plans to record an EP and pursue a film career at some point, she says: “I’m setting crazy goals for myself but if you don’t set them you never know. I might as well put them out there.”

Stewart has Justin Timberlake-like ambitions for his future, with similar music and acting plans. “He is so talented it actually makes me sad,” Storwick laughed. “You can give him an instrument and literally in five minutes he’ll kill it.”

Some Assembly Required season three premieres tonight on YTV.