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December 10, 2015

Ridley Scott spills Blade Runner 2 details


Jonathan Dornbush / Entertainment Weekly

Though Ridley Scott may not be in the directing chair for the upcoming Blade Runner sequel, The Martian director recently detailed his vision for the opening of the film at AFI FEST.

“We decided to start the film off with the original starting block of the original film. We always loved the idea of a dystopian universe, and we start off at what I describe as a ‘factory farm’ – what would be a flat land with farming,” Scott said, as reported byMtime via Slash Film.

Scott went on to describe a flat, Wyoming landscape, with a large dead tree as a focus. Near that tree would be a small “Grapes of Wrath-type” cottage and “behind it at a distance of two miles, in the twilight, is this massive combine harvester that’s fertilizing this ground.”

Harrison Ford’s Rick Deckard would arrive at the cottage in a flying car, enter the house, and await the arrival of another man, who Scott described as weighing 350 pounds.

“The guy’s seen him, so the guy pulls the combine behind the cottage and it towers three stories above it, and the man climbs down from a ladder – a big man. He steps onto the balcony and he goes to Harrison’s side,” Scott describes, before cutting himself off and simply stating, “You’ll have to go see the movie.”

Little else has been said about the film’s plot since the sequel’s announcement, though the original film’s writer, Hampton Francher, wrote the sequel with help from Scott and Michael Green.

In Scott’s stead, Sicario director Denis Villeneuve will helm the film, with Ford returning as Deckard alongside Ryan Gosling in a new role for a planned start to production in 2016.

Read the full description of the scene, as told by Scott, on Slash Film.