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November 19, 2015

Casting News – Blade Runner Sequel


Scott Brown / The Vancouver Sun 

Also filming . . .

• In other big casting news this week, Canadian Ryan Gosling (The Notebook, Drive) confirmed in an interview with Collider.com that he will star opposite Harrison Ford in the upcoming Blade Runner sequel.

The sequel to the 1982 science fiction classic is being co-produced byTim Gamble, CEO of Vancouver’s Thunderbird Films, and Frank Giustra, founder of Lionsgate Films. Canadian filmmaker Denis Villeneuve (Incendies) is attached to direct, while superstar cinematographer Roger Deakins (Skyfall, No Country for Old Men), who worked with Villeneuve on both Sicario and Prisoners, will be the man behind the camera. Pre-production has already begun, but there’s been no announcement as to where the new Blade Runner will be filmed although Ridley Scott, who directed the original and is a co-producer on the sequel, says the movie will open on a farm in Wyoming.

Emmy award-winning television director Brad Turner (24, Daredevil) will helm Penance, a feature-film thriller from Vancouver’s Brightlight Pictures. Penance will be an adaptation of Eventyrland, a 2013 Norwegian film about a woman who attempts to create a new life for her daughter and herself after a stint in prison. Turner is also an executive producer on  Lookinglass, an hour-long science fiction thriller from Fox, that is being shot in Vancouver ahead of its 2016 premiere as a midseason series.