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March 31, 2015

TV THIS WEEK: Outlander returns, Olympus premieres, and more!


Matthew Jackson / Blastr

Last week, we said goodbye to The Walking Dead until the fall, putting a hole in our TV schedule that can’t be filled … at least, not until Game of Thrones is back in a couple of weeks. That doesn’t mean we’re out of fun, though. In fact, this a particularly big week for premieres and finales. Syfy’s rolling out its new show OlympusOutlander‘s finally back for the second half of its first season, Salem returns for season two, and Archer closes out season six.

Check out the week in TV below. What’s on your watchlist?

Highlights of the Week

Olympus (Syfy) Thursday, 10 p.m. – “The Temple of Gaia”

Series premiere! – We’ve talked a lot lately about Syfy’s ambitious plans to return to its hard sci-fi roots. Olympus is … not that, but hey, there’s a place for swashbuckling in genre TV too, and this series hopes to fill the crazy adventure void on the network left by stuff like Warehouse 13. Only, you know, with gods and cyclopses and swords and stuff. When I saw the first trailer for the show, it felt like a series willing to take every single crazy scrap of Greek mythology it could find, throw it in a blender and just take off, complete with basic cable special effects and a lead character name Hero. It’s not subtle, to be sure, but hey, who said a TV show has to be subtle to be fun? We’ve seen more than one genre series lately blast off to success by embracing what it is and running with it, whether that be bonkers alternate history (Sleepy Hollow) or post-apocalyptic madness (Z Nation). Will Olympus find a similar place for itself? We’ll see. This week, Hero must rescue the Oracle of Gaia in hopes that she can help him solve the riddle of his own past. Check out a preview of the series below.