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November 28, 2013

‘Package Deal’: Pam Anderson lends her assets

Greg David / The Loop

People forget that Pamela Anderson has a knack for comedy. They immediately think of … um … other assets the blonde from B.C. has. But she headlined Fox’s funny sitcom, Stacked, for a year as well as four seasons headlining the lighthearted syndicated spy series V.I.P. She knows her way around a script, and knows how to get a laugh.

So, how did she do guesting on Thursday’s newest episode of Package Deal, “A Few Good Muffins”? Quite well, as a matter of fact.

Anderson was Dr. Sydney Forbes, Ryan’s new therapist. (His old therapist faked an extended trip to get away from Ryan, who couldn’t move on from his failed marriage.) Of course, Sydney seemed to be all boobs at first glance — the cleavage-bearing top didn’t help with that — and little substance.

“You’re not what I expected,” Ryan stammered.

“I get that a lot,” Sydney responded.

“I seem to be sweating,” Ryan ventured.

“I get that a lot too,” Sydney admitted.

She was filled with all kinds of wacky forms of therapy for Ryan to try, from cradling him in her bosom to forcing him to imagine himself emerging from his mother’s vagina to making him pretend to be a proud lion (after removing his glasses first). And though the therapy was certainly strange, Ryan forgot about Alison, his first step to moving on with his life.

According to IMDB, Ms. Anderson is booked for a few more episodes, which is good news. Along with the obvious reasons, she’s got the chops to keep up with Jay Malone, who plays Ryan. I’m looking forward to Sydney being introduced to the rest of the group.

Meanwhile, Sheldon has dumped his big and tall coffin business in favour of being a kids’ party planner, and Kim was hauled into court for getting into a mud fight with an employee at a spa she and Nikki were at. Once again, Julia Voth showed her natural gift for physical comedy, rolling around on the floor with the spa employee, the two women slathered in goo and Nikki yelling “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” It was a genuinely funny scene in a show that’s on a straight, firm comic path.

Package Deal airs Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. ET on City.