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November 28, 2013

New Thursday: Played, Package Deal, Mr. Young, Nature of Things


Diane Wild / TV-eh?

Played, CTV – “Cops” No assignment is tougher than investigating fellow officers. Daniel’s (Dwain Murphy) former Guns and Gangs unit, SMASH, is suspected of corruption. Under Daniel’s guidance, Jesse (Adam Butcher) poses as a recruit for the squad. After a brutal initiation, Jesse is accepted by SMASH leader Russell Hagler (Tye Olson), Daniel’s old mentor. As the C.I.U. closes in on the truth about SMASH, Jesse is in serious jeopardy, and in an attempt to save his colleague, Daniel makes a shocking confession.

Package Deal, City – “A Few Good Muffins” When Kim (Julia Voth) gets into a muddy altercation with a masseuse at a day spa, Danny (Randal Edwards) represents her at trial. Kim’s stubborn pursuit of justice clashes with the realities of the law, and it looks like she’ll be convicted – until a new piece of evidence pops up that may just work in her favour. Meanwhile, Ryan (Jay Malone) meets his new therapist, Dr. Sydney Forbes (guest star Pamela Anderson, Baywatch), and becomes very uncomfortable with her unorthodox style. Meanwhile, Sheldon (Harland Williams) gets into the kids party-planning business and in order to land his first big bar mitzvah, he has to wine and dine a high-rolling client – who happens to be a 13-year-old boy.

Mr. Young, YTV – series finale While Adam and Derby explore a hidden, underground temple in search of the fountain of youth, Tater helps Echo learn about monkey behavior, and Ivy helps Slab prepare for his first ever cover model photo shoot. All roads lead to a confrontation with a local fancy hat factory owner, who has been keeping a secret from the villagers for generations. In the end, Adam gets the gang back to Finnegan, just in time for graduation.

The Nature of Things, CBC – “Survival of the Fabulous” Gay filmmaker Bryce Sage has had a big question on his mind ever since he came out of the closet-how is evolution compatible with the existence of gay men? There’s a lot of mystery about the biological mechanisms underlying sexual preference. Bryce sets out on a very personal journey to find out if scientists have come up with a definitive answer to this gay conundrum.