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November 22, 2013

‘Package Deal’: Honesty is the best medicine


Greg David / TV Guide

They say that honesty is the best policy, and that was certainly true in Thursday’s latest new episode of Package Deal.

“Ryan’s Therapist” began with Ryan devastated that his therapist had abruptly ended their years-long relationship by saying he was moving out of town. Untethered from his support system, Ryan turned to his brothers for solace. Well, to Danny, actually. Sheldon was too busy trying to drum up sales for his big-and-tall casket business to offer anything other than tough love and telling Ryan to “untuck his man parts” and get off the couch.

Sheldon, deciding to take his sales pitch to the people, staked out an overeaters’ anonymous meeting where he met Stacy (Heartland‘s Michelle Morgan), a former “fattie” who was now slim and gorgeous. While Sheldon was wallowing in great sex — “She tears at my pants like a grizzly going after a fish in an icy stream,” he announced — he was always hungry, barely surviving on the grains and veggies Stacy insisted on subsisting on.

Meanwhile, Danny tried to get Ryan out of his funk by taking him to the tea shop, where he showed an uncanny knack for sales. Kim hired him on the spot, and everything appeared to be working out. That was until Ryan’s therapist showed up in The Loose Leaf, and the former realized the latter lied about moving in an effort to avoid him. This sent Ryan into a catastrophic state of unhappiness, and his actions toward customers rivaled Nikki’s in its surliness.

Danny and Sheldon tracked down Ryan’s therapist and learned the truth: Ryan wasn’t bummed over Alison breaking up with him, but rather was stressed because Danny coddled him and Sheldon bullied him. That revelation, delivered in the episode’s final moments, went a long way to explaining Ryan’s personality quirks and fastidiousness. Now Ryan needs a new therapist, and with blonde bombshell Pamela Anderson set to play one in an episode this season, that’s likely coming next week.

Package Deal airs Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. ET on City.