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October 10, 2013

City moves ‘Package Deal’ to new night


Amber Dowling / The Loop

Looks like the Monday night comedy block wasn’t a Package Deal for one Canadian sitcom. City’s new multi-cam comedy, which debuted on Sept. 30, is already facing a new timeslot.

The reason? CBS’s shelving of We Are Men after two episodes, and calling Mike & Molly off the bench for an early return.

The switcheroos begin Monday, Oct. 14 when Package Deal and 2 Broke Girls swap timeslots on City, bumping Package Deal to 9 p.m. ET. That pits the Canadian comedy right up against repeats of No. 1 sitcom The Big Bang Theory on CBS for three weeks, until Mike & Molly bows on Nov. 4 on both City and CBS.

When that happens, Package Deal is coming off Monday nights and sliding over to Thursdays, beginning Nov. 7, at 9:30 p.m. ET. There, it will hopefully grab more eyes with the Robin Williams-led, The Crazy Ones as a lead-in. That timeslot is currently occupied by post-release episodes of Parks and Recreation. No word on where those episodes will land on the Canadian broadcaster’s revamped schedule.

Package Deal stars Randal Edwards, Julia Voth, Harland Williams and Jay Malone. It revolves around a new couple, and how they deal with the guy’s rowdy brothers.