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September 19, 2013

Actor Randal Edwards Plays Lead in “Package Deal”


Ilana Rapp / Huffington Post

Randal Edwards is still a boy at heart. His professional yet fun personality helped him make the switch to comedy.

Randal Edwards, from Canada, plays the series lead, Danny White, in the new sitcom “Package Deal” which starts airing Monday, September 30 at 8:30 p.m. on CityTV (between “How I Met Your Mother”and “2 Broke Girls”).

You may have seen Randal’s previous work in “The Killing,” “The Firm” and “Degressi: The Next Generation.” So prepare yourself for a totally different character than what you’re used to! Randal takes comedy to the next level!

Why did you get involved in acting? Did you have any other jobs before or during your acting career?

I was working in Victoria, British Columbia at an insurance company when I was 21. My roommate at the time was an aspiring photographer and on a whim we decided to move to NYC. I needed a reason to go so I decided I would become an actor — it was literally an excuse to move to New York. I ended up going to HB studio, an acting studio in the West Village, to take classes. While I was there I really fell in love with acting and I knew it was what I was going to do for the rest of my life.

Oh yes, I’ve had other jobs, mostly serving and bartending but I was also a manny (a male nanny) in Barcelona, which was awesome. I’ve never considered doing anything else in entertainment but my sister does stand up comedy and the thought of doing that terrifies me.

“Package Deal” was shot in 2012. What’s it like talking about a show coming out NOW that you shot so long ago?

Yeah it’s crazy that it’s almost been a year since we shot our first episode. I love talking about the show because we had such a great time doing it. It definitely brings up some great memories, especially working with Eugene Levy. He is unbelievable and working with him was like getting a free education.

What’s it like working in front of a live studio audience?

The live audience was the best part for sure. It’s where theatre meets film! The energy that you get from the audience is essential to that style of show. We would only shoot one at a time. In between takes we would totally goof around and if a joke didn’t land the writers would rewrite it on the fly and we’d do it again with the new joke. It was a crazy pace, but so much fun! We had a great guy whose job was to warm up the live audience. He’d play games with them in between takes and generally just keep them happy and laughing. It’s a very hard job.

Has anyone ever called you boring?

Haha no I’ve never been called boring. Loud and obnoxious? Yes! I’d say my spontaneity makes me not boring.

You’re best known for your roles in “The Killing,” “The Firm” and “Degressi: The Next Generation.” Between these three shows, how did you grow as an actor and as a person?

Those are all great and very different shows! I definitely grew as an actor on all three. “The Killing” was great just because of the calibre of the acting on the show. My stuff was always with the two leads, who I learned a ton from. “Degrassi” is super fun because I get to put on an English accent. With “The Firm,” working with talent like Calum Reny and Josh Lucas just forces you to up your game. It’s always nice to have a recurring role because it gives you time to develop and explore your character. It’s funny how they change the more you get to know them!

What do your siblings think about your career choice?

I have an older brother named Lane and an older sister named Robyn who are both actors as well. My sister does stand up comedy and she is the funniest person I know.

What’s your favorite caffeinated drink?

Red Bull. I just love the taste, it’s weird.

What was it like working with hot women all day on the set of “Package Deal?”

Working with Pamela Anderson was surreal. I mean she was “the girl” of my generation. Every time I was on set with her or even in the same room as her for that matter, I was reduced to my 14-year-old self. I would be OK as long as we were doing scripted scenes, but every time we’d cut it was almost impossible for me to speak! I’d just look at her and giggle.

How’d you meet your girlfriend and what does she think about your job? What’s so special about her?

I met my girlfriend Shelley at a restaurant we both worked at. She’s in her final year of chiropractic school and we’ve been together for over a year now. Hmmmm just one thing that’s so special about her? I’d have to say how much she supports me in what I do. There are a lot of ups and downs in this career. Having someone who’s there for you no matter what is essential.

Tell us a secret that you’ve kept hidden since childhood.

I won’t name names but I paid a girl in my home economics class $5 to make me a pair of boxers that I was supposed to make myself in 8th grade. I got an A.

What makes you upset?

“Undercover Boss.” I get all teary every time!

Anything else you’d like to say?

I’m just really excited for people to finally see “Package Deal”! We all loved doing it and I think that’s part of what makes it a great show.