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June 28, 2013

Pamela Anderson Comes Home As Part Of ‘Package Deal’


Mike Bombardier / Zoomer Media

Pamela Anderson has never been afraid of a challenge. Her resume is as prolific and diverse as any Canadian actress on the scene today. From Tim Taylor’s ‘Tool Time’ sidekick on Home Improvement, to a buxom body-guard decked in all-black on VIP, to her most recognizable role as a sun-kissed lifeguard on the international hit Baywatch, Pam has never strayed from a challenge.

So when the 46-year-old actress was asked to return to her native Canada to join the cast of Package Deal for a multi-episode run,she was sold:

“I get to play a therapist, which is funny… right away. I’ve done enough therapy, so maybe I can draw from that a little bit,” Pamela tells ET Canada. “My agent called me and said do you want to do a TV show in Vancouver, which piqued my interest, and then I read the scripts and they were hysterical.”

Currently in production, the show is based around three close-knit brothers and the unexpected woman who comes between them. The show stars Julia Voth, Harland Williams and Randal Edwards, and is scheduled to debut mid-season.

On the hectic filming schedule, Pam says: “It was nice to come home and also come home to the format I’m familiar with which is sitcom. We’ve jammed three episodes in two days of being home, but lots to do, lots of work, but it’s so much fun.”

In between it all, the award-winning animal rights activist has found time to return to the beach! This time she sheds her famous red swimsuit for high-fashion designs by Margiela and DSquared2 in the July issue of Zoomer Magazine.

On the cover shoot, Zoomer’s Editor-in-Chief Suzanne Boyd says, “Pamela Anderson is Canada’s baby! July 1 is her birthday, Canada Day, so the cover says ‘Happy Birthday Pamela Anderson!’ We really wanted to celebrate her and the fact that she has turned 46 and she’s in amazing shape and in an amazing time in her life.”

Happy Birthday and welcome home Pam!