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September 30, 2009

ABC For Kids – Star Reviews (The Wiggles – Hot Poppin’ Popcorn & Zigby – Hiccups)


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The Wiggles – Hot Poppin’ Popcorn

Reviewer Group – Frances & Ben


The legendary Wiggles are in top form, with this ‘Popcorn’ circus platform. The acrobatic feats are amazing, and the music so catchy I got up dancing with the kids! The fabulous foursome demonstrate their skills surpass merely singing and dancing! Babies to big kids will enjoy different aspects of this great DVD


I thought this might be more for my little brother than a big boy like me, but it wasn’t, I really loved it as it had lots of cool stuff, like somersaults, but the best bit was the fancy bikes, like Captain Feathersword riding a bike with two sets of pedals!

Reviewer Group – Alison & Jonathan


Anyone who’s been to the circus will love the way The Wiggles bring this family event to life. The four boys join in the fun of the ring for a little while, singing a very catchy tune with singer Jamie Redfern called Hot Poppin’ Popcorn. The DVD also sees the return of Foodman, with some education on foods that give you energy, and foods that ‘make your tummy ache’. I loved this educational element, as well as the innovative music.


I’ve watched this Wiggles DVD twice in the last two days. It’s very bright and colourful, and talks about all the tricks they do at the circus. I liked when all the Wiggles rode tricycles around the ring – that would have been fun. It was also funny when Anthony wanted to eat all the food in sight, and Foodman stopped him. I want to watch this again!

Reviewier Group – Ruth & Daisy


My girls have loved the Wiggles for ages, and this DVD is an excellent addition to their substantial library of “Wiggles Worship”, I mean DVDS! This DVD is a fun and exciting journey of Wiggly circus fun that is sure to keep the little ones entertained for its entirety. There are lots of great new songs to sing, dances to learn, and even a few circus tricks to learn along the way! As per usual the Wiggles convey valuable lessons about healthy eating and exercise which is great. An excellent choice and one that I’m sure I am going to be singing along to for the next couple of months or at least until the next Wiggles concert anyway


This is our favourite Wiggles DVD ever! There are lots of good songs and the Wiggles do lots of fun things like juggling and riding funny bikes. Lucy was a bit scared of the Ringmaster because he had clown make up on, but then I told her it was Anthony and then she was OK and likes him now! My favourite part of this DVD was when the Wiggles did hand stands and also when they sang the song about the Hot Poppin Popcorn, but I liked all of the DVD as well. This was an excellent Wiggles Show and we loved it.

Zigby – Hiccups

Reviewer Group – Candy & Emmy


This was our first experience of Zigby the curious Zebra! Fun and easy to watch, Zigby is a fun-loving and adventurous zebra, who manages to get himself in all kinds of sticky situations. With the help of his quirky friends McMeer the Meerkat and Bertie the Bird, Zigby encourages kids to think outside the box when finding creative solutions to his many dilemmas! Disguised in frivolity and fun, the messages Zigby is communicating are subtle yet easy to understand.


Zigby the Zebra is great. I enjoyed watching him and his friends get into all kinds of trouble, but he is always nice and friendly to everyone. He thinks of different and sometimes funny ways to get himself out of trouble. It is bright and colourful, and my favourite characters are the 3 monkeys, Stink, Wink and Tink!

Reviewer Group – Frances & Ben


Lessons in sharing, friendship and teamwork are hidden in this vibrant DVD that will appeal to all under sixes. The colours and characters are captivating for the younger viewers and the fun stories hold the attention of the older children. They get up to some really crazy adventures!.


I really love Zigby. He is so funny and I really like his friends too. I would love to visit their world because it is colourful and they get to have lots of fun with their mates. My favourite bit was when the colour changing lizard got the hiccups. So funny!

Reviewer Group – Emma & Bo


Zigby the Zebra, McMeer the Meerkat and Bertie the Guinea Fowl live in a beautifully lush jungle where there is lots of opportunity to get up to mischief and explore their vibrant environment. Lots of other little eccentric animal characters who make the series fun and interesting for pre-schoolers.

Bo I have not seen anything like this before, I really enjoyed it and wanted to watch it again. I was able to name lots of the animals and I especially liked the 3 little monkeys that play tricks and cause lots of chaos.