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January 9, 2005

Thunderbird Films Inks Deal with Mainframe Entertainment on ZIXX


Press Release / Mainframe Entertainment Inc.

Vancouver, Canada, January 9, 2005 – Thunderbird Films Inc., and Mainframe Entertainment (TSE:MFE), a leading creator of computer generated animation, announced today an agreement in principal to co-distribute Season I and Season II of the popular YTV series ZIXX.

ZIXX LEVEL I has already aired in Canada on YTV, attracting some strong ratings for the network. The series, targeted at both boys and girls aged 8 – 12, as well as appealing to a strong teen audience, was developed by Alex Raffé of Savi Media and Debbie Nightingale of The Nightingale Company, in association with YTV.

According to Ms. Raffé, “ZIXX LEVEL II is going to be awesome.” “Season Two is an upgrade of the first season – the characters have better weapons and cool vehicles, but the puzzles are harder and the villains smarter. That’s why we call it Level II.”

Rick Mischel, CEO of Mainframe, has worked closely with Michael Shepard, President of Thunderbird Films in securing the distribution rights to the series. Thunderbird will produce the series while Mainframe will be designing and creating all the CGI animation content.

“ZIXX is a tremendously exciting series and a perfect fit for Mainframe”, Mischel said. “Launching the series with 26 episodes available for License is a huge advantage in the international marketplace.”

According to Shepard, “We are thrilled to be working with Mainframe and we are very proud of the Creative Talent that we have assembled for Level II.” Production of the live action starts February 14th. Meanwhile the CGI modeling has already begun.

ZIXX is a live action and game animation combination kids sci-fi series chronicling the adventures of an unlikely team of heroes who join forces in a quest to save the universe from evil. Led by the fearless alien operative, Zixx Phunkee Zee, a contingent of human boys and girls contribute their strategy game smarts to the battle in the Keep – a third dimension labyrinth which operates like a game.

About Mainframe Entertainment
Mainframe Entertainment Inc. is the industry leader in computer generated (CG) animation for television and direct-to-video/DVD family entertainment. Mainframe has produced over 250 half hours of CG animated television as well as six CG animated direct-to-video/DVD feature films and two one-hour CG animated television specials. Mainframe’s CG animation expertise is also being used in the production of theatrical feature films, interactive games and commercials. Established in 1993, Mainframe continues to grow its library of proprietary productions, and has received many prestigious awards for its work on such international brands as “Barbie”, “Hot Wheels”, “Spider-Man”, “Casper” and “Popeye”. The Company is recognized as a CG animation pioneer having developed the groundbreaking internationally distributed television series “ReBoot”. Mainframe clients include Sony, Mattel, Lions Gate Home Entertainment, Electronic Arts (Canada) and MTV. Mainframe’s majority shareholder, IDT Corporation, is a NYSE-listed multinational telecommunications and entertainment company.

About Thunderbird Films, Inc.
Vancouver-based Thunderbird Films, Inc. is recognized around the globe as a producer, distributor and financier of high quality television and films. Thunderbird Films’ founding partners – Tim Gamble, Michael Shepard and — have been responsible for internationally acclaimed scripted drama and action series, award winning theatrical features and movies-of-the-week produced for and aired on every major U.S. network as well as on major broadcast and cable outlets around the globe. Thunderbird Film’s commitment to high production values and its unique focus on global, high-value territories for distribution as well as the economical benefits of its British Columbian location have distinguished the company among its competitors in the world marketplace. For more information on Thunderbird Films, visit www.thunderbirdfilms.net.


Kristi Blicharski
KB Public Relations