July 2, 2013

In conversation with Frank Giustra

Sandra O’Connell / The Province

When leaving a dark theatre after watching a film, I experience a heightened sense of being, an urgency to write and create, a feeling of being even larger than my already tall person. As I emerge with starry eyes after an unwavering focus on one screen in an over-stimulated world, I find myself inspired by a story and all that goes into the telling of one. If I could read braille, the goosebumps on my arms would read, “Go create now,” and if my veins had speakers, the electricity streaming through them would cry, “You can do anything.”

I experienced these same invincible sensations after hearing Frank Giustra speak at BCBusiness’s annual Top 100 Event.

In an opulent ballroom in the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, over a thousand people converged to listen to the magnate extoll wisdom, insight, and anecdotes. Before the presentation began, suits mingled while precariously balancing plates piled with food and glasses sloshing with wine — a feat that led to conversations and neglected mobiles. Sponsors, such as Canadian Western Bank, Vancouver Foundation, Sauder School of Business, City of Surrey, and EVA Air, peddled and promoted their wares from tables hugging the walls. And Domenica Fio

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